A fast, secure and simple interface digital asset exchange platform.
You can deposit, exchange, buy, sell, withdraw and accept multi-currency.


What is it?

In order to meet the new digital business models, Venture Kingdom concentrates a number of financial solutions in a single system, that is, VK is an online multi-currency platform built on blockchain technology that is characterized as an e-Wallet Integrated system that allows you to carry out operations with several currencies Fiat and Cripto. Thus it becomes possible to deposit, send, receive, withdraw and exchange multi-currencies at any time from all over the world.

Venture Kingdom has two ways of connecting to our technology, ie you can open your personal account to take advantage of the VK Exchange and multi-currency trading or request a VK Payment Gateway business account to make receipts by integrating the Our API.

Open your free account and have a mix of solutions.

Payment Gateway


Offer your customers multiple local and international payment options and potentially increase your sales.

Fast and Safe

A secure, versatile and easy-to-use online payment system that will help your company excel in the digital market as the world has changed and the way you receive and send payment as well.

Ease of integration through our API

Potentiate your revenue by connecting the VK merchant through an easy-to-integrate API, we have specialized teams to serve with agility and quality.

Exchange Platform


Venture Kingdom e-Wallet allows you to deposit, withdraw, receive and send money from anywhere in the world at the time you need it.


Ask for a Kingdom Card Visa or International MasterCard to unburden funds from your Venture Kingdom e-wallet.


For those of you who want to stock your wallet online or send money instantly, securely, to anywhere in the world, without opening a bank account.

Everything is connected

VK Transfers

You can send instant electronic transfer to anyone in the world who has a VK account.

VK Merchant

Open your Business Account, connect your site through the API, and start receiving payments.

VK Card

Connect your VK account to our prepaid card to facilitate your financial interactions, buy from online stores and withdraw your balance through ATM worldwide.

VK Exchange

The VK Exchange is a digital platform for the commercialization of crypto currencies, in other words, to buy and sell Digital Coins by users in a safe and fast way.

Some of our features

The focus of Venture Kingdom in excellence brings specialization, direction of efforts and competences, so it builds expertise and generates the satisfaction of our customers.


Expertise and multifunctional team focused system innovation and quality.


Platforms developed with focus on the high performance with capacity of high volume of transactions.


We adopt the most modern and current control parameters, establishing rules and policies with the purpose of avoiding deviations or irregularities.


Possibility to activate 2-step verification, the user besides the username and password can add an extra layer of security to his account.


Ease and agility for implementation of integration processes.


Fast and efficient communication, efficiency in customer service.


Platform with simple interface, objective and easy to use.


Multidisciplinary team focused on checking and updating our system, aiming to always offer the best option for the international market.


A technological innovation for the expansion of your business.


A secure, integrated platform with anti-fraud tools that provides payment and remittance solutions that meet with expertise users around the world.

If you want to have access to the most complete exchange in the market this is the time, there are several benefits in a single platform, open your Personal Account and enjoy.

Now if you have an online store, do not waste time and give your customers the best experience when making a payment online, because Venture Kingdom integrates all forms of payment into a single solution through a simple, modern interface. Dynamics to facilitate the management of the merchant and the buyer.

Venture Kingdom offers a simple way to manage your funds when and where you want. All you need is the click of a button, open your account and have at your fingertips several tools that will allow you to be closer to the future of money, follow the evolution of crypto-currencies and start this interaction right now.

Follow this rhythm!

Financial globalization is in full swing

Venture Kingdom offers faster-than-conventional value transfers, cheaper than a traditional bank account and easier to use than other electronic money systems. An e-wallet that adds diverse solutions to users and companies around the world, open your free account now and come to be part of this new way of interacting with money, financial relationships have evolved and you have the opportunity to accompany it.

Technology in favor of society

The Venture Kingdom was created to facilitate how to interact with money through the virtual universe. Totally geared towards the digital market, we understand that people want a simple, fast and safe way to manage their funds without having to pay abusive fees. Blockchain technology and crypto-economics have transformed the way we interact and use money, so VK has the mission of creating a bridge between technology and society, whether users or companies, with a platform that generates value by facilitating the lives of people.


We are always ready to help you

Venture Kingdom is customer focused, we believe that service must be fast, functional and assertive. Our focus is to provide solutions in an agile way to strengthen the relationship with the users, objecting the promotion of their satisfaction and loyalty. To keep this principle our service team is multidisciplinary and includes programmers available to remedy any difficulty or doubt related to our platform.

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