Who we are

With a globalized and customer-oriented approach, it seeks excellence in service and offers high-performance products, quality and state-of-the-art technology.

An organization that provides a platform that integrates diverse financial solutions through the most modern technology tools available in the world. Our work is based on clear objectives, in this way we draw up a strategic plan absolutely focused on the excellence of the service rendering, providing a fast, efficient and low cost system for the users.

Adding value in emerging markets, Venture Kingdom comes with the proposal to include and connect users to global markets, substantially debasing the means of payment, sending funds and exchanging assets.

Venture Kingdom through its products and services seeks to deliver excellence in a comprehensive manner in markets where international shipments are time consuming and costly, providing users with a unique environment where they can profit from the asset swap by taking advantage of the benefits of our carton model Pre-paid, mainly where the debarred people suffer from financial exclusion.



Our mission is to add value in society, through our products and services. To act in a safe and profitable way, with social and environmental responsibility, with the objective of contributing to the transformation of the reality of the scenarios and environments in which we are inserted.


To be a transforming agent of society by generating value through its performance. Global expansion with a focus on excellence, through technology combined with specialized human capital.


Human Capital focused on the guidelines

Actions focused on generating value for clients, shareholders, employees and society.
Acting with ethics, truth and coherence. This is our foundation.
The person and the professional as a human being, the diversity of the team is a force of the organization.
Focus on excellence, through performance and dedication.

Create an environment that

We are always ready to help you

Venture Kingdom is customer focused, we believe that service must be fast, functional and assertive. Our focus is to provide solutions in an agile way to strengthen the relationship with the users, objecting the promotion of their satisfaction and loyalty. To keep this principle our service team is multidisciplinary and includes programmers available to remedy any difficulty or doubt related to our platform.

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