The Company Venture Kingdom has as one of its main pillars the tireless search of excellence in all the segments of his activity. In order to improve the company’s experience with technological solutions, we work with a focus on the ease, agility and safety of our platforms.

Its directors, creators and collaborators are directed to act within the strict limits of legality and candor in the exercise of their functions, as well as with the company and the clients that connect with it.

To ensure Venture Kingdom users that there will be always clarity and transparency in dealing with the financial resources that transit through the platform, the company adopts the most modern and current control parameters, establishing rules and policies with the purpose of avoiding deviations or irregularities in the scope of its commercial activities.


Venture Kingdom is liable to comply with the obligations, on due diligence, prohibition of having fraudulent or suspected fraudulent business relationships imposed by anti-money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as provisions relating to crimes of laundering or concealment of property, rights and values, to prevent the use of the financial system for illicit purposes. So that we can guarantee total transparency of our activities and results. We have adopted measures to control access to our products and system.

The user who wishes to use our platform must previously be fully identified by presentation of data and corresponding documentation. Remaining still uncertainty about identity, Venture Kingdom takes additional verification measures.


Venture Kingdom is aligned with the largest Global Companies in the sense of commitment to the International Policies of anti-money laundering (AML) (KYC), and terrorism (CFT). In this way, in all areas of its activities the Company maintains constant control of information, receiving high PCI Compliance certification. In this way, activities considered suspicious will be immediately reported.


With the same determination and responsibility, Venture Kingdom works to ensure its customers the protection of their privacy. Personal information will be used exclusively for the purposes they were supplied. The company uses modern security measures to ensure the protection of your personal data against unauthorized access.

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