The VK Exchange is a digital platform for marketing, that is, for buying and selling digital coins by the user in a safe and fast way. These transactions are carried out by the users themselves, allowing them to negotiate directly with each other, without Venture Kingdom participating in the contact, negotiation or execution of these negotiations, characterizing it only as an intermediary of the negotiations.


How to buy Digital Coins

See how simple and easy it is to buy coins in 3 steps:

1. Create your account: Create your free account (link). After confirmation via email your account is ready for use.

2. Get credit: To buy digital coins, you must have a balance in your wallet, so go to your deposits page and follow the instructions to upload your account.

3. Buy Digital Currencies: Open a purchase order, inform the amount of currencies you want to buy and the amount you want to pay for them, taking into consideration the price on the platform. If a sales order is recorded in that period that meets your purchase order, the negotiation is automatically consolidated.

Easy to deposit

Making deposits has never been so easy, fast and secure. We offer various deposit tools and we have a number of partners that allow you to access fast and affordable ways to deposit funds into your VK e-Wallet, wherever you are.

Built for you

Multiple coins in just one wallet, a digital account with free opening that will make your life easier. Free internal transfers, you can transfer amounts instantly to other Venture Kingdom users through Send Payment.

Easy withdrawals

Make practical, reliable, and accessible withdrawals worldwide. Make withdrawals for your Kingdom Card or bank account in your profile, or if you wish to instantly submit values to other Venture Kingdom users.

E-wallet Coins Storage

The exchange platform user can make multi currency deposits in his / her virtual wallet, since VK allows the storage of crypto and fiat coins in his system. The balance resulting from these deposits on the platform is available in the users’ personal account for future negotiations, ie it becomes possible to buy or sell Crypto Coins as well as request a withdrawal from the available balance in your VK account.

Key Features


Send money

Send funds to your friends or family, you just need to enter the recipient’s email, registered in Venture Kingdom to make the transfer.


Get money

Receive transfers from family and colleagues, or other payments. They will be credited to your e-Wallet instantly upon submission.


Request money

You can request money from other Venture Kingdom users, all you need to do is tell the person that you are applying for the money.


Prepaid card

Ask for a Kingdom Card, link to your account, fill it with an e-wallet balance. You can buy at physical stores and on the internet, as well as ATM withdrawals.

Money Transfer

Do you need to transfer money fast, safely and cheaply?

We have the solution, register for free now and make money transfers to other users through the Venture Kingdom platform, with zero rate. It is safe and operates at the best rates in the market, so we add several solutions on a single platform: fill your e-Wallet balance, transfer amounts or receive payments in different currencies around the world at any time.

Transfering Money is a great way to submit funds to other people in any region or part of the world without a Bank Account opening.

Send Money

  • Instant transfer;
  • No fee through VK;
  • Transfer in several currencies;
  • Available worldwide;

Get money

  • Receive funds from other users;
  • No fees through VK;
  • Transfers in several currencies;
  • Available worldwide;

Just log in to your Venture Kingdom account and get the email of the user you want to send values, and you can send payments to almost everyone, simple and quick as sending a message.


You will use the balance in your Venture Kingdom account to make this transaction.


The payment goes to the recipient’s Venture Kingdom account. If he does not have one, he can create it for free.

E-Wallet is an online multi-currency incoming and outgoing payment portfolio. In this system the user can deposit and withdraw values using several currencies through payment gateways integrated to the Venture Kingdom system.

You can use it to submit values, that is, to make instant money transfer to other VK e-wallet users. This system offers numerous features for users, among them:

  • Balance in the virtual wallet in different currencies;
  • Access to full history of transactions made in your e-Wallet;
  • Request the Kingdom Card prepaid;

The Venture Kingdom e-Wallet is an online wallet that holds multiple currencies, you can deposit and withdraw amounts using the VK-integrated Payment Gateways.

Making withdrawals has never been easier, get your Kingdom Card with just one click, buy securely online and cash your balance anywhere in the world, agility and speed at your fingertips.


We are always ready to help you

Venture Kingdom is customer focused, we believe that service must be fast, functional and assertive. Our focus is to provide solutions in an agile way to strengthen the relationship with the users, objecting the promotion of their satisfaction and loyalty. To keep this principle our service team is multidisciplinary and includes programmers available to remedy any difficulty or doubt related to our platform.

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