What is?

Kingdom Card is a prepaid card that allows charging in US dollars through the Venture Kingdom platform.

If you are a user, you can request your card and transfer the balance of your virtual wallet to it. A safe way to carry your money and enjoy all the benefits that the Kingdom Card offers.

Safer than money

Have the security of a prepaid card with a chip and password, without the need for a bank account.

Buy online

Buy online easily and securely with your international credit card.

Cash withdrawals

Make cash at ATMs 24 hours a day, cash on hand anywhere in the world.

Use abroad

Use your shopping cart at all Visa-certified establishments around the world, a secure solution for international travel.

Control your expenses better

View your account statement on the website and receive SMS with the record of your transactions.

Easy loading

Transport your money safely and reload your balance through Venture Kingdom whenever you need it.

No bureaucracy

See how easy:


Log in to your Venture Kingdom account and request your Kingdom Card.


Pay the membership fee through the existing balance in your Venture Kingdom account, or payment gateways available on the platform.


After the payment confirmation you will receive a confirmation email.


Your order has now been completed and your card will be sent to the address registered to your Venture Kingdom profile.


When you receive your Kingdom Card, just log into the Venture Kingdom account and activate it to get started.



  • At any time and place you have access to your online account.

  • Management of expenses through account statements.

  • Simple, fair and transparent structure of rates.

  • Withdrawal available at any time at ATMS 24h.

  • Effective customer service always available.

  • Protected card with chip and personal password.


Kingdom USD Card works transparently and all card rates are presented in a simple way,
so you will always have control of how much you will pay for each operation.
To get your Venture Kingdom card the user will pay a membership fee of US$39.

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Venture Kingdom is customer focused, we believe that service must be fast, functional and assertive. Our focus is to provide solutions in an agile way to strengthen the relationship with the users, objecting the promotion of their satisfaction and loyalty. To keep this principle our service team is multidisciplinary and includes programmers available to remedy any difficulty or doubt related to our platform.

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