The world has changed, and the way to get paid too!

Venture Kingdom offers the benefits of integrated e-Wallet for various forms of making payments and receipts, so our solution for your online business has come to reduce time, minimize the cost of implementing various tools in a company to facilitate Manage your organization’s financial operations and increase your earnings.

The creation of your business account allows the connection of your online venture with just one tool in a simplified way, when integrating your site our solution your company will be connected to several solutions between them we can mention some characteristics of the platform.

The push that was missing
for your business

To add all of our Venture Kingdom Payment Gateway solutions to your site through an API, please contact our business sector. By opening your Business Account you will have our technology as an ally and responsible for the evolution of your business.

  • Ease of integration through our API
  • Safe, fast and easy to use platform.
  • Sending values ​​to users of the same system instantly
  • Split payment, pay commissions to your team with just a tap.
  • Our system adapts to any type of check-out and collection process
  • Provide tools for the store itself to make its financial management
  • Financial reports that can base your company’s decision-making

A multi currency platform that makes it possible to make receipts and payments in fiat and crypto currency. The VK system allows the user to deposit, send, receive, change and withdraw values at any time in all parts of the world, we have tools that facilitate the use of our technology. Empower your earnings by connecting your business to the VK Payment Gateway, your customers can use a complete and secure payment system.


Easy and Flexible Integration
Online Certification
Payments Processing
Encrypted Data
Financial Management
Sophisticated data processing
Anti-fraud system
Strict compliance
Transparent data and reports

How can this solution help your business online?

An online payment system versatile and easy to use that will help your company be stoped in front of the game.

Simple integration with any type of system

Instead of several complicated integrations with each bank or carrier, you make a single integration with our payment gateway. In addition, we can deploy the means of payment in any system and create check-out and billing processes according to the needs of your business.

Panel and management reports

Access to an administrative dashboard with a simple, modern and dynamic interface that facilitates the management of the merchant and the buyer. We offer various means of payment and the possibility of generating your financial reports in one place.

Advanced features and services

We offer the most robust and advanced gateway solutions, such as: Transparent checkout, one-click purchase, financial reconciliation, among other tools to increase approval of payments in your business.

Professional service

Our focus is on the customer, so the support team is focused on excellence-based service, delivering fast and effective responses to users using the platforms and customers who use our solutions.

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Signing up is free, fast and simple. We ask that the inserted data be real and updated, any information inserted will be 100% safe with the VK.

Get more clients and increase your sales.

Quality and Technology at your reach

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to get out home to use a shopping service, because this pleasant traditional process can also be done virtually. The evolution of commerce has gone hand in hand with the internet and your company can not stay out of the age of technology, after all the internet is a great opportunity to do business.

Customers are adapting themselves to this modern format and sometimes the difficulties encountered when making an online purchase, added to doubts at the time of finishing the request, as well as the insecurity related to the payment status, turns out in discomfort and insecurity to the customer, a fact that can lead you to give up the purchase.

It was thinking about the quality of the service and wanting to increase your sales and the credibility with the consumer that we present the Gateway of Payment Venture Kingdom, the perfect solution for you and your company.


Sale more, with all agility and security

With your VK Business account you will start accepting payments on your web site


Contact our commercial sector.


An executive of our commercial will serve you to analyze your needs and present the best solution for your business.


Your business account will be created revolutionizing your experience of receiving payments.

We are always ready to help you

Venture Kingdom is customer focused, we believe that service must be fast, functional and assertive. Our focus is to provide solutions in an agile way to strengthen the relationship with the users, objecting the promotion of their satisfaction and loyalty. To keep this principle our service team is multidisciplinary and includes programmers available to remedy any difficulty or doubt related to our platform.

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