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Dear User,

It is our commitment to protect and respect your privacy.

The main goal of our Privacy Policy is to clarify the purposes for which they will be used and how the protection of your personal information is performed. If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at

VENTURE KINGDOM makes it clear that can change this Privacy Policy at any time, always with the aim of improving it. Review this Policy periodically to check for updates.

VENTURE KINGDOM will provide information and alerts about this Policy by posting them on our website and sending an email to the address listed in your VENTURE KINGDOM account. You agree that electronic disclosures and notices have the same meaning and effect as if we had provided a paper copy. These disclosures and notices regarding this Policy will be deemed to be received by you within 24 hours from the time they are posted on our site or sent to you by email (unless we receive notice that the email has not been delivered).


Our Privacy Policy applies to all content on the website, as well as to the software and services we offer, except sites of third parties, about which we have no control over the content or services offered. Our Privacy Policy is also incorporated into our Terms and Conditions of Use. We advise you to pre-analyze the Privacy Policy of any company before providing your personal information and data.

By making use of the services of VENTURE KINGDOM you are automatically accepting and agreeing with our Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to our Privacy Policy, simply delete all cookies from the browser cache after visiting our site, and do not use our services.

VENTURE KINGDOM will collect your personal information in the following circumstances: a) when you use our website and provide us directly, b) through trusted third parties, c) by means of technologies (cookies).

Personal information is understood as any information that can be used to identify a specific person, or even any anonymous information, such as the IP address, linked to a specific person. Your personal information will be used to allow you to open and use an account on the VENTURE KINGDOM platform, to make transactions through our website, as well as to contact you (if necessary) and answer your questions.

Your personal information will be used solely for the purposes for which it has been provided to us.


VENTURE KINGDOM uses modern security measures to ensure the protection of your personal data against any unauthorized access.

While no data transmission can be guaranteed to be 100% secure, we take reasonable steps to protect all personal information. VENTURE KINGDOM maintains strict administrative, technical and physical procedures to protect the information stored on our servers.

The access to information is limited (through user credentials / password and software systems). Only authorized VENTURE KINGDOM employees may have access to your personal information, being obligatorily subject to confidentiality duties and with strict respect for your privacy.

We use industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology to protect the account registration process and enrollment information. Other security safeguards include, but are not limited to, data encryption, firewalls, and physical access controls to building and archiving.


VENTURE KINGDOM does not sell or rent your personal information and data to merchants or third parties.

We may share your personal data with business partners who are fully reliable, including, but not limited to, financial institutions, payment processors, verification services, and credit bureaus, as well as any third parties that you have directly authorized to receive your personal information.

We may disclose your personal information to authorities, government officials or other third parties if: (i) we are required to do so by subpoena, court order or other legal process, (ii) we must do so to comply with laws, rules or regulations, including credit card rules, (iii) we have a good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to prevent physical damage or financial loss, report suspected illegal activity or investigate violations of our Terms and Conditions of Use.

We will only disclose your personal information in response to such a request if we believe in good faith that doing so is necessary to comply with applicable law or a legal obligation to which we are bound. If we receive such a request, we will use reasonable efforts to notify you promptly, so that you may contest it if you choose. We will not provide you with such notice if we have determined in good faith that (a) we are not authorized to provide it to you under applicable law, or (b) that this would result in an imminent risk of death, serious physical injury or significant property loss or damage to VENTURE KINGDOM or to third parties.

In addition, in the event of a merger, acquisition, reorganization, bankruptcy or other events, any information in our possession may be transferred to our successor or assignee.


If you are under 18 years old, you should not submit your own personal information or a friend’s personal information, nor enroll in any of VENTURE KINGDOM’s online services or click on solicitation or consent buttons on this site.


All requests regarding your personal data, as well as any request for cancellation of your account at VENTURE KINGDOM can be made through our support at
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